CFP Teen & CFP Kids Fitness

CFP Teen & CFP Kids Fitness program is a unique athletic program designed to optimize the level of physical fitness in kids (ages 6-9) and Teens (ages 10-15). Individuals are trained in a combination of gymnastics (body weight exercises), weightlifting, cardiovascular & respiratory endurance, and agility. These serve as the foundation for our CORE strength and conditioning program.

Skills include:

  • Push-Ups and Pull-Ups
  • Rope Climbs, Jumping and Handstands
  • Weightlifting Techniques
  • Rowing and Running for Cardio Endurance

Each training session is intended to advance the individuals performance through proper skill progression at an appropriate intensity level. The skills learned can be applied to improve performance in any sport or everyday life. Our program is scalable to in order to meet the needs of all, regardless of current fitness level.

Individuals participating should expect to:

  • Define fitness goals and develop an accountability program to track progress
  • Participate in an age and skill appropriate strength and conditioning program
  • Learn proper technique and form
  • Experience a positive, yet challenging, environment that encourages teamwork and reaching an individual’s potential

CFP Coaches are focused on supporting each individual in achieving their fitness goal.

  • CFP Kids Fitness: Not In Session
  • CFP Teen Fitness: Tuesday @ 6:30PM and Friday @ 5:30PM
  • Coaches:April Pansy


Members: $20/month add-on to a current CFP membership

Non-members: $120.00 (pack of 10 classes)