CFP Gymnastics focuses on developing the gymnastics skills (basic, intermediate, and advanced) and body weight training exercises that are utilized in CrossFit. The program curriculum is designed to move participants through a series of progressions required to safely and efficiently perform these movements. Each session will include proper warm up, skill training, a WOD that incorporates the skills leaned, and mobility.

Individuals attending the training session should expect to:

  • Improve body control and comfort level with gymnastics based movements.
  • Proper technique and form when executing the gymnastics skills and body weight strength and conditioning movements (pull ups, handstands, ring skills, rope climbs)
  • Increased body weight to strength ratio, coordination, agility, body control, flexibility and mobility (Range of Motion)
  • Learn progressive drills and exercises required to improve WOD performance (Angie, Diane, Chelsea)

The CFP Gymnastics program is scalable allowing us to meet the needs of all individuals, regardless of experience level. Post training exercises will be prescribed to further reinforce proper technique and practice.

CFP has extensive experience in competitive gymnastics and an expertise in gymnastics training for CrossFit. CFP Gymnastics sessions are open to CFP members (no cost) and non-members ($20 per class). Private group sessions and clinics are available based on coach’s availability.

Prerequisite: Foundations

Coaches:Tony Pansy and April Pansy

Time: Check the CrossFit Pocono schedule for classes and availability or contact us at