Our Foundations program is designed to expose individuals to the fundamental movements that are utilized in our CrossFit strength and conditioning program. The movement curriculum spans the three core disciplines of CrossFit

  • Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Metabolic Conditioning

Our intent is for you to obtain a level of proficiency and comfort in each of the core movements in preparation for our group WODs.

Please note: Learning these movements require practice, patience, and repetition. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring proper form and technique, skill progression through specific drills, and your safety. During the Foundations program you will also be introduced to two key concepts –Intensity and Scalability. Our ability to scale the skills, weight loads, and intensity allows us to meet your individual needs.

Movements and CrossFit concepts instructed during the CFP Foundations program includes the following:

  • What is CrossFit?
  • Basic CrossFit terminology
  • Review of the program elements
  • Overview of CFPs approach to CrossFit
  • Basic functional movements
  • Common weightlifting and gymnastics movements
  • Mobility exercises

All new members can participate in the Cardio Core classes, but to begin CrossFit Wods, you need to complete 3 Foundations Sessions. The sessions are by appointment only.

Coaches: All CFP coaches are certified to coach the Foundations program

Time: Contact us to schedule a Foundation session at