Mountain Melee September 17th, 2016


CrossFit POCONO is hosting 4th Annual Mountain Melee Team Competition on Saturday, September 17th, 2016. Teams of (3) Male or (3) Female athletes will be tested by three WODs through out the competition. Mountain Melee will be held at a NEW venue this year... Camelback Resort! We are excited to partner with Camelback to provide a great space to conduct our event.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase throughout the day. At the conclusion of the competition, CFP will be hosting an AFTER PARTY! All competitors, friends, family and staff are welcome to attend at Trails End (inside Camelback Resort) for some added festivities to celebrate the day. Light appetizers will be provided.


Camelback Resort (@ Camelback Waterpark)
309 Resort Drive
Tannersville, PA 18372



    Mountain Melee 2016 Photos

More photos from the Mountain Melee event are available via Google Drive. Due to limited storage capacity, these photos will only be available there for a limited amount of time, so feel free to copy whichever pictures you like.


    All waivers will be made available during sign-in at the competition. Please arrive early to ensure you have enough time.   




  • Athlete 1: Mountain Run 200m
  • Athlete 2: Row for Calories
  • Athlete 3: Thrusters Rx-(115#, 75#) -- Sc-(95#, 65#)


  • Total calories rowed plus total number of thrusters completed
  • At 3,2,1 go, each teammate begins on their station.
  • All athletes are moving at the same time


  • Runner cannot run 2x in a row
  • All athletes change as they wish
  • Thruster standards apply: squat below parallel, must have continuous motion for the movement, at the top of the thruster, arms must be locked out and in line with the ears and hips extended
  • You may squat clean first rep
  • 12 Minute time cap



All Athletes have from 0-3 minutes to accumulate max double under for Rx and single under for Sc. Then…

  • Athlete 1: Has from min. 3-5 to achieve 5 rep max OH Squat
  • Athlete 2: Has from min. 5-7 to achieve 5 rep max Clean and jerk
  • Athlete 3: Has from min. 7-9 to achieve 5 rep max Front Squat


  • Minute 9-10: Max Reps OH Squats Rx-(135#, 95#) -- Sc-(95#, 65#)
  • Minute 10-11: Max Reps Clean and Press Rx-(135#, 95#) -- Sc-(95#, 65#)
  • Minute 11-12: Max Reps Front Squats Rx-(135#, 95#) -- Sc-(95#, 65#)


  • Total reps for the max jump rope and max OH Squat, Clean and Press, and Front Squat will be a score for one WOD
  • Total Weight for the 5 rep max portion will be scored for a second WOD
  • Ex. If athlete 1 lifts 125lbs for 5 rep max OH squat, athlete 2 lifts 135lbs for 5 rep max Clean & Jerk, and athlete 3 lifts 155lbs for 5 rep max Front squat, then the total score 125 + 135 + 155 = 415


  • At 3,2,1 go, 1 athletes steps onto the mat to begin double unders
  • One athlete works at a time for the double unders/single unders and can take turn as the team wishes
  • On the 5 rep max portion, teams begin with an empty bar and can use the team to load the bar
  • You can use part of the athlete’s 2 minutes to load for next athlete’s turn but they cannot start until told
  • During athlete 3’s two minutes, you can load the bar Rx(135, 95) Sc(95, 65) to prepare for the last 3 minute of maxes BUT CANNOT START until the 9 minute mark
  • Squat clean is NOT allowed for Clean and Jerk and there is a 3 second rule
  • If athlete takes more than 3 seconds between any of the 5 reps, they have to start over at 1
  • You may squat clean for the front squat BUT DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD A SQUAT, athlete will still have to complete 5 front squats
  • 12 Minute time cap

WOD #3: AMRAP 100's


  • 100x Burpee Over Wreck Bag (Bag Facing)
  • 100x Kettlebell Swings Rx-(53#, 44#) -- Sc-(44#, 35#)
  • 100x Wreck Bag Step Ups
  • 2 athletes chip away at the 100's, while 1 athlete holds the bar at the top of the deadlift.


  • At 3,2,1 go, one athletes starts deadlift hold, while other 2 athletes starts chipping away at the 100's.
  • Deadlift Bar must be in position for the AMRAP reps to count.
  • Arms and Legs must be locked out. If athlete rests bar on legs…no reps may count.
  • If athlete needs to set bar down, reps stop, and the same athlete can pick the bar back up to continue counting reps.
  • Burpees must be facing wreck back and for Rx, there must be a two foot take off and two foot landing.
  • Chest must touch ground on the burpees.
  • KB swing standard: must show full hip extension and straight arms by the ears at the top of the swing.
  • Athletes can hold wreck bag however they like, but must show straight legs on the top of the box before stepping down.
  • To transfer KB, Wreck Bag, and deadlift bar, the implement must touch the ground for the next teammate to pick up.


  • All Male Divisions 50lb bag & 24’ box
  • All Female Divisions 25lb bag & 20’ box
  • Deadlift Bar Hold Rx-(225#, 155#) -- Sc-(185#, 125#)
  • 12 Minute time cap

    Important Details

Discounted "Standard Rooms" are available at Camelback Resort for competitors of the event for a discount.

  • Friday night (standard room) $169
  • Saturday night (standard room) $229
  • Larger rooms are available for a discount (call hotel)

Please call the hotel to reserve a room and mention you are with the "Mountain Melee" group (855) 515-1283.

NOTE: Blocked rooms will no longer be available after August 16th.

  • Approximately 1,600 sq. ft of tent space will be available for competitors, friends and family. So you can pack light!
  • Plan on staying for the after party starting immediately following the competition at Trails End restaurant at Camelback Resort. Light appetizers will be served for all participants, coaches and volunteers.
  • Competition will be rain or shine (although it is an outdoor event, most of the WODs will be under tents). Unless there is a last minute change, teams will not need to bring tents for their teams.
  • Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Schuylkill Valley Sports and Born to WOD will also be bringing merchandise.