Roderick Dela Paz Trainer

About Roderick

Eric’s athletic career began when he was 12 years old when he joined little league baseball. He was talented enough to qualify for the all-star team at the end of the season to compete with other all-star teams throughout New Jersey. He also played basketball, football and many other athletic sports growing up. In his late years of high school he gained a large amount of weight tipping the scale at almost 215lbs for only being 5’6”. When he started college at DeVry University in North Brunswick, New Jersey he realized he had to do something about his weight and being unfit.

He truly realized that he was overweight and unfit when he would go home after a long day of work and school, that he would have a hard time breathing just lying in bed. He could hardly breathe even when he tied his shoes. (That gut must have been very large and round for that). Well that was a true eye opener for him, so he started hitting the treadmill and lifting weights in his basement and lost about 70lbs while eating healthier. After a couple months he joined a global gym and continued weight lifting and cardio exercises. He managed to maintain his weight for periods of time but would fall off and gain some weight back over years and years.

About 17 years later after shedding off weight from when he hit a whopping 215lbs, he came across Crossfit which changed his life and workout regimen. He first dabbled in some WOD’s off of and he was hooked. He decided he wanted to make a career change and became Crossift level 1 certified. He joined the amazing Crossfit Pocono just a couple months after becoming certified. About 6 months after joining Crossfit Pocono he was offered an opportunity to become one of their coaches and this was an offer he could not refuse. He can truly say he is proud to be part of such an amazing box and help train and coach all the crossfitters that attend this box, even visitors that come in from time to time.

Crossfit has changed his life in many ways. In Crossfit you do not only reach goals that you are striving for but you also think more clearly about other facts of life. Not only has Crossfit helped him maintain his weight and strength but he can work out with a great team while doing so which makes working out a lot more fun and enjoyable rather than just hitting the treadmill or hitting the weights in a global gym. That is the beauty of Crossfit, you have other box mates that help you push yourself to the next level. He just loves being one of coaches that other box mates can see what hard work and dedication can do. He feels that if he can do it, then anyone else can.


  • A.S. of Electrical Engineering Technology, DeVry University
  • Crossfit Certified - Level 1 Trainer